We are the Physician Owners of the Center, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. We recognize that you have the right to choose the provider of your healthcare services. We are pleased that you have chosen Empire State Ambulatory Surgery Center.

    Johh Aljian, M.D.
    Sanjiv Bansal, M.D.
    Reginald Camillo, M.D.
    Gabriel Dassa, D.O.
    Barry Finkelstein, D.P.M.
    Albert Graziosa, M.D.
    Emmanuel Hostin, M.D.
    Dennis Nachmann, D.P.M.
    Jalu Patel, D.P.M.
    Neil Patel, M.D.
    Anthony Terraciano, M.D.
    Arnold Wilson, M.D.
    Jian Zhang, D.P.M.
    Thomas Bombardier, M.D.
    Brent Lambert, M.D.
    Luke Lambert
    George Violin, M.D.
    Sugicore 5th Avenue LLC
    Guatam Khakar, M.D.
    Gary Klein, D.C.
    Salvatore Passanisi
    Jeffrey Rubin, D.C.
    Stuart Blumberg, D.C.
    AEH Healtcare Management Consulting LLC

Empire State Ambulatory Surgery Center employs and provides services to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, nationality, sex, handicap, age or affiliation with fraternal or religious organizations.